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mistrzostwa mtb - Mistrzostwa Europy w Trialu - silesia

(I began writing this application but had to drop it - I simply didn't have enough time to finish it.)



  • real-time monitoring of the file system
  • uploading backups to remote FTP sites
  • unlimited number of monitored directories
  • exclusions - only important files are copied
  • manual synchronization of a directory with a remote repository [in development]
  • scheduled backups [not supported yet]
  • backup wizard [not supported yet]

The technology behind it

  • the application is written in C++ using C++ Builder 6 (the GUI uses the VCL library)
  • the resident monitor uses Windows 2000/XP API facilities which provide real-time information about changes made to the file system; the monitor installs itself as an NT service so it can run continuously in the background
  • information about changed files is stored in a SQLite database - the database engine is fast and uses little memory
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