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These articles summarize my experience as an English learner. I've tried lots of methods to learn more effectively - here you can read about the ones that helped me the most.

  How did you learn English How did you learn English? - in this brief story I describe the learning methods that I've been using and which of them are most effective
  The importance of reading and listening The importance of reading and listening
  A guide to English pronunciation A guide to English pronunciation
  SuperMemo Learn English with SuperMemo - get to know a revolutionary computer program that will keep what you've learned in your head for good (free download available)
  Tips & Tricks for English learners Tips & Tricks
  Dictionaries & Textbooks For English Learners Dictionaries and Textbooks - read about the dictionaries and textbooks I use and why they are good
  Useful links for English learners Useful Links - check out some of the most interesting websites for English learners

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