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"Theory is when you know something, but it doesn't work.
Practice is when something works, but you don't know why.
Programmers combine theory and practice: Nothing works and they don't know why."

Programming computers is one of my greatest passions. Here you can read about the projects I'm working on at the moment and download some of the programs I've finished.

My experience

  • Java
    • desktop applications (J2SE)
    • multi-tier enterprise applications (J2EE)
    • simple midlets for mobile phones (J2ME)
  • PHP 5, XHTML, CSS 2, JavaScript
  • C++
    • Windows applications and games using Borland C++ Builder
    • console applications in Standard C++ for both Windows and Linux platforms
    • manipulating XML data using XSL transformations
  • Relational databases
    • database engines: MySQL, InterBase/Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQLite

I work mainly on Windows systems, but I can use the Linux shell pretty well.

Sample projects

  • TaskManager - a midlet for Java-enabled mobile phones which manages a prioritized To-Do list
  • QuickBackup Suite - an automatic backup program with a resident file system monitor that logs changed files and synchronizes them with a remote repository
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