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For a brief introduction to SuperMemo see: Learn English with SuperMemo.

Learning English with SuperMemo

What is the best way of reviewing items?

Well, you simply need to stay focused. Make sure you know how to use the words you are learning in context. If you have example sentences in your collection, read them carefully. And when you get tired, take a brake and finish reviewing your items later in the day.

How many items should I review each day?

It's best to review all the items SuperMemo scheduled for a given day.

How many items should I add each day?

You can add as many items as you like, but be sure you won't get overburdened with tons of repetitions. It's better to be selective and add only the words/sentences that you will really need.

Is it necessary to say the exact answer from the answer field during repetitions?

Most of the time, yes. For example, if you know a word but don't know its spelling, give yourself 1 or 2.

I used to have trouble with synonyms - i.e. I answered with a synonym of the correct word. If you often confuse two words, you can add small comments to your items:

Q: to breathe in suddenly in a way that can be heard, especially because you are surprised or in pain (NOT: pant)

A: gasp
The hill was very steep and they were all gasping by the time they got to the top.

How can I see the statistics of each item in SuperMemo 98?

Just press F5 - the collection statistics data and element data window will appear.

BTW, SuperMemo runs in the "Beginner" mode by default. It shows you only the most basic buttons and menu options. To get access to all features, switch SuperMemo to professional mode by pressing CTRL+ALT+F12. (You can later get back to the "Beginner" mode by choosing File > Level > Beginner).

But I can remember things for a long time using mnemonic techniques - so why bother and do repetitions?

I recommend you read Memory and learning: Myths and facts from the SuperMemo website.

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