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Do you listen to English songs a lot? Make sure you understand the lyrics. You can use a plugin for your favourite media player, which will automatically download lyrics of played songs from the Internet. Here I describe two good lyrics search tools.

  • LeosLyrics plugin for WinampLeo's Lyrics Plugin (Winamp 3.x/5.x)

    Leo's Lyrics is a plugin for Winamp. It automatically downloads lyrics of played songs from the database. The searches run incredibly fast - you will hardly notice that they're being downloaded from the Net. The results are cached, so when you play a song for a second time the lyrics are retrieved from your hard drive.

  • Evil LyricsEvil Lyrics

    Evil Lyrics is a standalone lyrics search tool (you can run it as a separate program). It supports the most popular media players such as Winamp, Windows Media Player and Foobar. It also has a karaoke mode - you can download special files with timestamps for the most popular songs and have their lyrics scrolled line by line as they are sung.


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