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The best websites for English learners, organized into categories.

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Learning English

  • Antimoon - A great site for English learners. You can find lots of interesting articles about every aspect of learning English - from motivation to speaking and using computer programs. Antimoon inspired me to change the way I learn English - I hope it will help you too.
  • The Linguist - A commercial website for English learners. Using the web based system you listen to audio recordings, read their transcriptions and learn interesting phrases from them. You can also chat with the tutors over the Internet and send your writing for correction. Make sure you check out The Linguist Newsletter with free MP3 recordings and The Linguist Blog with useful advice for English learners.

Free audio recordings

  • Spotlight [elementary] - Spotlight offers you free MP3 recordings of radio programs in simple English. They are ideal for beginners - they use a limited vocabulary of about 1500 words and are easy to understand.
  • Shaggy Dog Stories [intermediate] - Ten funny stories in MP3 format. The stories last about 2 minutes each and use American English.
  • Voice of America Special English [intermediate] - Recordings in Real Audio (and sometimes MP3) format. They cover lots of topics, from current news to historical events.

Free video news

  • CBS News Video - Short video clips with interesting news from around the world.
  • FoxNews - FoxNews is one of the best news TV stations in the world. The website gives you the most recent stories - many of them with video clips.
  • National FeedRoom - Short video clips about the recent events.

Free books

Free comics


  • HowStuffWorks - In movies, burglars can open a lock using a paper clip. Is it really so easy? Ever wondered how chocolate is made or how the refrigerator in your kitchen works? Here you can find the answers for even the weirdest questions.
  • Light and Matter - A series of six excellent introductory physics textbooks, available for free download in PDF format. They cover everything from Newton's laws to Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Online dictionaries

  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English - One of the best dictionaries for learners - now it's available online for free! It has a clear layout and it's easy to find the meaning you want. Almost all entries have example sentences. There are audio recordings recordings (both in British and American English) for headwords beginning with D and S.

    You can read about the paper/CD version of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English on the Dictionaries and Textbooks page.
  • Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - This is another good dictionary. It gives you definitions with example sentences and also phonetic transcriptions. You can easily find definitions of words as well as phrases and phrasal verbs.
  • Merriam-Webster - This is dictionary contains lots of headwords and gives you audio recordings for every entry.

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